Absenteeism Policy

Absenteeism Policy

Ideally, we want all of our students to learn well and remain with their age-appropriate grade level. Research has shown that students learn and achieve best when they have regular attendance habits and that absenteeism tends to negatively affect student achievement. All absenteeism and late arrivals are documented through the attendance register. When it is documented that a student has been absent/late for twenty days ‘plus’ from school it is a concern and the school and home should work together for the best interest of the child.

Teachers report absenteeism and late issues to the administration and the administrator reviews teacher’s concerns as recorded in the attendance register.

Steps to follow in reporting and dealing with absenteeism or late arrival concerns:

  1. Initial contact will be from the home room teacher to the parent to express concern and gain insight and knowledge of the situation.
  2. If there is no real improvement in attendance, a meeting will be scheduled to include the Principal, teacher and parent.


  3. If there continues to be no significant improvement in attendance, the Principal will inform the Board.
  4. The Principal, parents and two Board representatives meet to determine if the school can continue to meet the educational needs of the child. An assessment may be required to determine whether the student can complete the academic requirements to complete the year. The student may also have to be assessed as to his/her readiness for the next grade level. Parents may be asked to pay for this assessment. (Refer to Policy #572).