Child Welfare Policy

Child Welfare Policy

The purpose of this child welfare policy is to assist Christian schools in their duty of care for children. It is designed so that procedures will respect the requirements of the law and the confidentiality of all involved: the victims, the suspected abusers, the family, the teachers, and other professional.

The primary responsibility for ensuring the safety and well-being of the child lies with the parents or guardians.

The school has a custodial role in caring for the child. This is delegated to it by the parents or guardians and is a prime duty of the school; it is specifically part of the duties of the principal.

The protection of the child is paramount. If there is any doubt in the reporting or management of child abuse, the person should err on the side of protecting the child.

The provincial government has the authority from God to use the means at its disposal to protect the child from abuse where necessary.

The Christian school has a legal duty to cooperate with the provincial authorities. Furthermore, collaboration, cooperation, and good communication among all the involved professionals (provincial authorities) is essential for the protection of children.

The Christian school must be sensitive to the particular needs of the child in the reporting and management of child abuse.