Family Vacation Withdrawal

Going on Vacation?

Our schools are founded on the premise that parents are the primary educators and have a God-given responsibility for the education of their children. As a school, we offer to assist the parents with this responsibility, but can only do so if the children are in regular attendance at school.

We recognize that from time to time, families will choose to take vacations during the school term, and that these vacations also present many educational opportunities. In light of the fact that such trips are usually optional, we only ask that the family’s happy opportunity not become a burden for the teacher by expecting the teacher to get packages of class lessons ready for the individual students before they go on vacation. It has been our experience that these packages don’t always get completed and, sometimes, the textbooks and notebooks get lost.

In the event that a family decides to withdraw their child(ren) for a family vacation in excess of three days, we ask that the family:

Please complete the Vacation Withdrawal Form and return this form to the office.